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         Remote GPS location data download devices: Terminals

Enables the user to programm the GPS collar over the air by UHF communication link or SMS

1. Handheld Terminal for GPS Plus collar line:

(Terminal for remote download of data via mobile phone system see end of page)



The GPS Plus Handheld Terminal (groundstation) provides the wireless radio interface between a PC and the GPS-Plus collar in the field. It used to

      • download GPS datasets from the GPS Plus  or GPS Plus-GSM collar
      • upload UTC time and date to the GPS collar
      • upload new GPS Scheduler to the collar
      • upload new UHF beacon scheduler to the collar
      • upload new UHF beacon scheduler to the collar
      • temperature and activity sensors
      • user-programmable  scheduler
      • activate thepowerful UHF beacon in the field

A built in 12 channel GPS receiver gives you important information about your position in the field. With the assistance of an integrated electronic compass and the internal GPS receiver it is now very easy to find the tracked animal. The “Range Checker Mode” opens unbeatable support in finding the direction and distance to the collar. The GPS and compass information will be used to calculate and display azimuth and elevation (direction) and the distance with an accuracy of some meters to your collar.







Handheld Terminal for downloading GPS data from the collar. 

Mean time for downloading procedure:             <10 minutes

Possible distance groundstation - collar in dense forest  > 1 km 









The communication range is dependent on the receiver antenna gain, the humidity, the kind and density of the vegetation, the height above the ground of both the transmitter and the receiving system, the topography and the configuration between transmitting and receiving antenna. For that reasons the range can vary from several hundred meters to several kilometre. Under normal conditions, the range is several kilometre with a small handheld yagi antenna.

The downloaded GPS data can be exchange from the hand held terminal via the USB or SCI interface to PC or Laptop.








Specifications of Handheld Terminal:


    204 x 110 x 41 mm³ without UHF antenna connector


     550 g


    21 Keys membrane keypad


    128 x 64 Dots Matrix display with LED background illumination

    Memory capacity        

    64 M128 MByte extended (32 collars)
    315520 Temperature and activity datasets per collar
    65536 GPS datasets in non differential mode per collar
    24576 GPS datasets in differential mode per collar Byte standard (16 collars)


     Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery 3.6 Volt / 6000 Ah

    Charging time

    less than 8 hours typ.

    Lifetime with charged battery  

    Dependent on operation mode (24 hours GPS mode, 75 hour receive mode)

    External Power Supply  

    Only needed for Charging the battery 12 Volt, 800 mA max.


    Serial Interface 115200 baud 8N1 (to be connected to LM1 Link Manager)
    USB 8Mbaud

    Ingress protection   


    GPS Receiver

    Internal 12 Channel GPS receiver with active antenna

    UHF frequency range 

    420 – 470 MHz (factory settings)

    Output power

     0 – 500 mW (factory settings)



    Antenna impedance

    50 Ohm

    Compass module

    Built in electronic Compass


    1 mgauss


    ± 1 gauss

    Max. Exposed Field 

    1000 gauss

    Operating temperature

    0°C...+50°C (charging)
    -20°C...+60°C (non charging)

    Storage temperature




2. Groundstation for GPS Plus GSM collars

The GSM groundstation receives GPS position information from the GPS GSM Plus collar via the GSM service. Additional new GPS and beacon schedules can be transmitted via GSM to the collar. This gives you the flexibility and security you need for your data (figure 1).

Fig. 1: GSM groundstation, SIM card

The GSM groundstation is available for 900/1800 MHz and 900/1900 MHz networks. Depending on your network provider, several SMS can be stored on your SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module, see next picture), the remaining SMS can be stored at your network provider and will be delivered to your groundstation automatically when new memory in your SIM card is available. The GPS Plus software package can read out your SIM card on demand or automatically every 30 seconds. You can merge your SMS files for a specific collar very easy to get all the GPS information together in one singele data file. This file can be exported to ASCII or spread sheet format or can be used to visualize your data with the GPS Plus software. The GSM data file is 100% compartible with the GPS Plus collar data file format. But of course it is also possible to run the whole data transforamtion process automatically.

If the groundsstation is further connected to a PC/Laptop the data receiving system is complete. Together with your collars in the field, you have your own, autonomous high tech GPS-GSM tracking system (Figure 2): the SIM card in the collar sends the location data of the animal via GSM to your SIM card in the groundstation!

Fig. 2: The complete location data receiving system: GSM groundstation, antenna, power supply


The GPS-PLUS software makes it easy to process the incoming SMS data files automatically. With the Software and the GSM groundstation it is possible to change the GPS fix schedule even the collar is fitted on the animal via air. It is available without charge at the download site.H


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