Link Manager


The Link Manager (Figure 1) provides the interface between your PC or Laptop and the GPS-Plus collar or a hand held terminal. It is used to exchange data and to upgrade new firmware in your GPS-Plus collar or hand held terminal. With its own power, provided by an internal Lithium-Ion accumulator, it is used to access the collar by an external PC and to supply the collar with external power in case of an empty battery pack of the collar.

The Link Manager is quite simple to operate. Just connect it to a GPS-Plus collar or hand held terminal and to the PC (as shown in Figure 2). Then run the PC software and the LEDs give you information about the state of charge and the data transfer mode. Using the internal accumulator as an autonomous power supply allowes you to be more flexible in use even in outdoor operation.

Figure 2:  Block diagram for the connection of the Link Manager to the GPS-Plus Collar and the PC