Accessories: activity-, temperature- and mortality-sensor/logger,
                                       Vhf/radio beacon for wildlife tracking GPS collars

A wide range of accessories like activity, temperature, mortality sensors/logger and VHF beacon (radio beacon transmitter) are available to address your satellite tracking needs. The system design most suitable for your particular study is dependent upon an equally wide range of application specific factors. All GPS-Plus collars are able to be equipped with the following accessories (table 1):

Tab. 1: Accessories for GPS Plus collar line

VHF tracking beacon

Frequency 138-165 Mhz, output power: ~10 mW (possible: up to 250 mW), 48 BPM

Battery unit

Field replacable battery pack. Details

Drop off

1. remote release mechanism (released by radio timer) or
2. release mechansim seperates at a definte, pre-programmed time. Details

Temperature Logger

With an enabled temperature logging option, the collar is able to log the temperature every five minutes over the whole lifetime of the collar. The resolution of the ambient temperature of the electronic and antenna part is 1°C, the accuracy is 2°C. The time stamp has an resolution of one minute absolute.


  Activity Logger

  Two axis activity logger, value recorded every  
  5 minutes. Details

   Mortality Logger

The collar is able to detect mortality events by a mortality logger. The user can program mortalitiy time outs between 1 and 140 hours. Up to 132 mortality events can be stored inside the collar. After a mortality event is detected the time stamp will be stored and the VHF beacon will be switched to mortality mode (if VHF option is available the beacon signal is changing from 48 BPM to 96 BPM.