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dog tracking

dog tracking













dog tracking

dog tracking













































































             Dog Tracking? state of the art dog tracking collars. Smart Dog Tracking!!

             Track & find your dog with your mobile phone: just call the dog!

Please choose the dog/pet tracking system according your needs:






GPS Pro Dog collar

250 g*

Even for high demands, waterproofed

GPS Pro Dog Backpack **

200 g

Even for high demands, waterresistant

                   *=weigth without belt
                   *=suitable for a harness



The unique Dog tracking system is an universal and completly new technology for finding, pursuing or tracking your dog: A GPS receiver and a GSM modem with special software is incorporated into the dog collar. Allows you easily and remotely monitoring the location of your dog via your cell phone/mobile phone anywhere in the world with suitable GSM coverage. Two versions are available:

  • Dog tracking collar (250 g weight, without collar belt, belt included into the price)
  • Dog tracking backpack (200 g weight) to fit on a harness



Fig. 1: GPS PRO DOG collar

The principle: You simply call the telephone number of the GPS PRO Dog collar with your handy /mobile phone /cell phone.  The GPS receiver of the collar, estimates the position of the dog and sends the coordinates immediately as SMS (Short Message service) over the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) directly on your mobile phone display. The accuracy of the positioning amounts to the average less than 15 meters.

The dog tracking GPS GSM PRO Dog works if the satellite antenna on top of the collar/backpack is able to find signals from at least 4 satellites and if the area where the dog is moving is coverd by GSM network (no other phone network service works!!). Figure 1 and 2 shows the GPS GSM PRO Dog collar.

For communication between GPS GSM collar/backpack and mobile phone you have to insert a SIM card into the collar/backpack. You can use every SIM card, maybe from a second mobile phone.


Fig. 2: GPS Dog Tracking

weight without belt: 250 g









GPS PRO DOG is a special development of GPS-GSM collars for wildlife research, 2002 first introduced into the worldwide market. Several wildlife species have been tracked with this collars, for example  wolves in Finland.



For those who prefer a harness for their dog, the GPS GSM Pro Dog backpack is the best solution (figure 3)


 Fig. 3: GPS Pro Dog

 weight: 200 g (without

 ca. 90 x 55 x 40 mm (LxWxH)










Product features: (Handmade, product manufactured in Germany)

  • user-friendly, rugged, compact, waterproof collar - no external antenna.
  • GPS-GSM Dog Tracking system is operationally delivered, no programming. You just have to put a SIM card into the collar/backpack.
  • special collar modification for hunters to meet their exact needs.
  • GSM Modem sends the GPS estimated coordiantes (WGS 84) of the dog directly to your cell phone /mobile phone display.
  • VHF beacon allows hunters to track and train their dogs, individuell frequency adjustment is possible (optional).
  • activity sensor tells via mobile phone if the animal is in motion or on point. Additional permanent beep information about dog’s activity via VHF beacon (the activty sensor is integrated into the collar, without additional charge).
  • rechargeable batteries (just connect the collar to the wall socket), 2-5 days battery life-time in permanent working modus, depending of quality of GSM coverage and how many waypoints are stored on the collar.
  • even if your dog is in a different country, in case of GSM coverage, you immediatly will get his location
  • with the GPS-GSM Dog Tracking system you are independent of websites, etc., you have an autonomous tracking system. No monthly service charge!




More pictures and detailed information at: Dog detailed information



The manual can be downloaded (PDF 1757 Kb) here: Manual GPS Pro Dog collar/backpack




The GPS Dog Tracking collar is suitable for medium to large sized dogs and pets of similar size. This service is available for the following GSM networks:


      • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, e.g. europe and
      • 900 MHz and 1900 MHz, e.g. north america
      • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, e.g. asia

Is your investigation site GSM covered? Look at :




How to visualize the dog’s position?

With modern cell/mobile phones & smartphones it is possible to receive and display the dog’s position. On the display you can see the exact location of your dog. Available are mapping software for the TREO 600 and Treo 650 (Fig 4.).


Fig 4: TREO 650 display with the location of a GPS PRO Dog collar worn by a lost dog in Berlin (red cross)  (top) and with different zoom-in maps (below)

Maps: Mapopolis map

Software: http://www.sramp.it























SORRY, but the dog collar is sold out

and will not be offered again!







Prices: (NO monthly service charge!!, you just pay the SMS costs if you call the dog)




Unit Net Price

Euro [€]

Unit Net Price

US [$]

only for US and CA


Weight without collar belt
250 g




With mounting holes for external harness, weight 200 g








Additional VHF beacon transmitter

Please specify VHF frequency range between 130 - 175 MHz



PC interface to download the stored GPS data and to configure the collar / Backpack

PC Software for Windows 95 - Windows XP can be downloaded from our website
(free of charge)






















Prices are subject to change without notice. VAT (16%) is charged for customers without VAT registration number within the EU. Freight costs are not included in the prices. Standard delivery time is within 6 weeks from receipt of order.










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