State of the art satellite tracking equipment f. ex. GPS GSM collars
             for wildlife/animals from Vectronic Aerospace?
             Remote download of data via mobile phone system or UHF-link   

GPS collar systems from Vectronic Aerospace are state of the art tracking equipment for the automatic positioning of wildlife/animals in all terrains and climates. Based on latest GPS technology combined with a UHF/VHF radio beacon and UHF or GSM download possibility they are excellent tools in tracking wildlife.

GPS Plus collar line

The GPS Plus collar system is like a box of bricks. You can compile your own GPS system depending on your requirements and budget.
The basic is the GPS Plus collar, with four complete different options of data download while the collar is still on the animal via:

    • · UHF radio link on demand,
    • · or continously via the mobile/cell phone system directly into the office
    • · Argos satellite service directly into the office
    • · via satellite telephon communication directly into the office

About that there are several accessories available:
VHF beacon, mortality /activity /temperatur logger and two kinds of drop off mechanism. 


                                           GPS-Plus collar components
                                             (click for more information)

(mobile phone)                                       UHF-radio link

                                                                                                                                                                                     Options of remote 
fix data download                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
transmission               GPS Plus
collar line                 ARGOS


         VHF-beacon     Activity
Logger     Temperatur
Logger     Mortality
Logger     Drop Off


Collar Communication

Depending on the remote download type, two terminals for the collar communication are available: Handheld Terminal and GSM Groundstation. The Link Manager is the basic device for the direct communication collar -  PC. The GPS Plus Software enables the user to easy programming GPS schedules etc..

 Handheld Terminal     GSM 
Groundstation     Link Manager     GPS-Plus

There is a wide range of GPS Plus collars available with weight up from 280 g, suitable for different neck sizes and weights of the animals.