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             Cat tracking? A new cat tracking system! How to find lost cats

             Track & find your cat with your cell/mobile phone: NO monthly fees

Lost your cat? Stray cat? Find your cat with a new Pet Tracker: A perfect and innovative cat tracking system!

How does the system work? A GPS receiver and a GSM modem with special software is incorporated into the Pet Tracker. Allows you easily and remotely monitoring the location of your cat via your cell phone/mobile phone anywhere in the world with suitable GSM coverage.

  • Pet Tracker weigth only 110 g. Because the tracker is not waterproofed you should place it in a waterproofed bag and then the system can be fitted on a harness.
  • The unit can be used also as a personal tracker or as a tracking tool for vehicles.

The principle: You simply call the telephone number of the Pet Tracker collar with your handy /mobile phone /cell phone. The GPS receiver of the collar, estimates the position of your cat and sends the coordinates immediately as SMS (Short Message service) over the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) directly on your mobile phone display. The accuracy of the positioning of your cat amounts to the average less than 15 meters.
















The Pet Tracker is a Microtracker, it is a handheld, compact-sized, battery-operated and GPS enabled location device dessigned for cat tracking & security use.

Measurements: ca. 65 x 44 x 27 mm  (LxWxH), Weigth: 101 g (incl. battery)


The Pet Tracker works if it is fitted on the cat in such a way (on top of a harness f. ex.) that satellite antenna is able to find signals from at least 4 satellites and if the area where the cat is moving is coverd by GSM network (no other phone network service works!!).


But: The device is still heavy for a cat. The technology is running fast and probably next year a smaller unit with lesser weigth will be offered by someone. This is a info site. We are not selling this product.



How does it work? The location data of your cat is estimated by the Tracker via GPS and send the data directly (as an SMS) via cell/mobile phone service to your cell phone (see figure below).


This service is available for the following GSM networks:

      • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, e.g. europe and
      • 900 MHz and 1900 MHz, e.g. north america
      • 900 MHz and 1800 MHz, e.g. asia
        Cat tracking system: Find your cat with a cat tracking system.

Is your investigation site GSM covered? Look at :



What you need to activate the GPS GSM Pet Tracker?

Wireless service from a GSM network provider

SMS-enabled SIM card

A cell phone or a GSM modem that can send SMS message to the Pet Tracker



What are the costs of the system?

The one-time cost to purchase the Pet Tracker.

The monthly data service fee from your local wireless service provider. It depends on your service provider and service plan. It may range from Euro 10 to Euro 30 typically.





Combination of GPS and GSM wireless network

Pocket-sized / light-weighted /

 Rechargeable battery included: 24 hours battery life-time in permanent working modus

No external antennae needed -- Just plug-&-play

Regular Report: This function can be configured by sending a SMS. The PetTracker reports its positions by sending SMS messages to the first set of built-in phone numbers at the interval of 2 to 120 minutes with NMEA 0183 GPRMC, showing a user’s ID and position data in the form of UTC, Latitude, Longitude, SOG, and COG.

Polling: Since the Pet Tracker is equipped with one piece of SIM card containing independent phone number, watchers can thus monitor a pet which is equipped with a PetTracker by direct phone dialing. PetTracker can distinguish a caller's identity, and the system can decide whether to send his/her SMS messages containing the ID and position information back to the authentic caller.

SMS Polling (New Feature): you can poll also by sending SMS command to the PetTracker. The test machine is almost turned on any time. The SMS to this number for test: SMS command as: #GPS0001,0000,7
The reporting SMS can include: GSM net code and base station code. This will help to locate the position of the PetTracker when GPS signal is not available, such as when the Pet is indoor.
So far as we know, the following nets are available for this service: T-Mobile in Germany TIM in Italy AMENA in Spain. If you fails to do so, please try another net.